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Geraint Jarman

Siarad Plant


Children around Wales have a chance to share their honest views about the world.

Plenty of opportunity to smile, laugh and be amazed by their honest opinions.


A Goriad and Orchard co-production for S4C

O'r Galon - Byd Enlli a Gwenno

O'r Galon:

Byd Enlli a Gwenno


Enlli was 15 when she realised she was pregnant.

When Gwenno was born, she was profoundly deaf.


Hugh Lloyd Jones

Cymry'r Cant


A documentary series following eight people who are over a 100 years old.


The series includes Hugh Lloyd Jones from Llanfairfechan - an entrepreneur who became the Mayor of Aberconwy.


O'r Galon Mared

O'r Galon:



Mared Jarman talks about her vision impairment.  She’s determined to live life to the full.


The programme follows Mared after she leaves school.

Geraint Jarman

Geraint Jarman


A television documentary on S4C.


Singer and musician Geraint Jarman talks openly about his personal life and his music over a number of decades.

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