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Clips of programmes by Goriad for BBC Radio Cymru

"I was bullied for years when I was in school. I thought the dragonfly could be a fly that could protect me." Dewi Tudur's personal story as his first book Dewey and the Dragonfly is published and sold at bookshops in various countries around the world.  

"In a way, it's just as well that you don't realise you're doing something for the last time."
Siân Eleri Roberts talks openly about living with MS.

"...there's no point going out at times as it's too much of a hassle."

Glyn Furnival-Jones talks about MS and the challenges when going places in his electric wheelchair.

Alaw  Evans's inspirational story after almost dying in a car accident.

Roz Richards talks about the way she's been racially abused. 

Roz's mother was one of the Windrush Generation. Here we hear Roz, her twin sister, her friend and her mother talking about racial abuse

Amanda James talks about the pain not being able to have a baby.

"The real Wyn Thomas used to hide behind the bottle, the cigarettes and the smile."

Mair Elliott has had enough of living with Anorexia. This is a short subtitled clip of Mair as she tries to learn to eat properly again. 

Radha and Tegid's inspirational story after Radha's MS took a turn for the worse one morning.

Neuroscientist Radha is from Singapore and speaks Welsh fluently. 

Annette Edwards - Bwlio

Programmes about families who live with Down's Syndrome.


Click on the photo to see clips of the programmes, recorded by Goriad for BBC Radio Cymru.

Video clips of children who have a few things to say.

Plenty to make you think - and plenty to make you smile.

Byd Awtistiaeth - Siwan Head and Jonathan

People around Wales talk about living with autism.

Click on the photo to watch Welsh language interviews.

Bwlio - Annette Edwards

Bwlio / Bullying


A woman who lives in Cornwall talks about bullying a girl when both were at school 50 years ago.

Click on the photo to see a video of Annette. You can also see a video of a singer talking about the experience of being bullied as a child and the way he felt when people made fun of him as an adult.

Byw gydag Arthur - Jemma and And

Jemma has had arthritis since she was a child.  She stopped taking strong pain-relief medication to try for a baby.

Goriad - Tewach na Dwr

Sets of twins talking about the special bond that exists between them.

The programme was one of three programmes produced for Radio Cymru as part of BBC Cymru/Wales' Family Season.

Click on the photo to watch excerpts of the programme.


People between 11 and 86 years old have a few things to say following the EU Referendum.

Yn 9 a 10 oed

7-11 year old children talk about all kinds of subjects - angels, heroes, the food they hate, world issues, their most disappointing Christmas presents and much much more.

Yws Gwynedd - Lle yn y Llety

Ywain Gwynedd joins some of the staff and customers of of the Black Boy Inn, Caernarfon.


Plenty of discussion and laughter.

O Enau Plant Bychain

Children talk about their lives as 9 and 10 year olds.


Click on the photo to see Welsh language vidoes of the interviews.

Gofal Pia Hi - Delwyn Williams

Delwyn Williams from Blaenau Ffestiniog talks about the way his family's life changed after discovering that his wife Olga had MS. Delwyn spent around 30 years visiting his wife in hospital.

The programme, for Radio Cymru, was part of BBC Cymru/Wales' Family Season

Mansel Jones talks about his cousin, Ross, who disappeared in 1965.

An inspirational story about Mark Phillips, who has Cerebral Palsy.

You're likely to be shocked when you watch this video. Can you believe people would say this kind of thing to a person in a wheelchair?

Swyn Zimbabwe - Eurgain

Radio programme following Lampeter Student, Eurgain, volunteering in Zimbabwe.

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