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Privacy and Cookies

Goriad Cyfyngedig’s Privacy Policy
24 May 2018


Goriad Cyfyngedig takes great care when gathering and treating information about individuals. Usually, the data is collected during the period when Goriad researches or produces programmes for television, radio or the web. We gather the information while communicating with the individuals concerned. We will ask for the individual’s consent before transferring data to another company - e.g. a broadcasting company.

The information we have could also include email messages and email contact information, telephone numbers etc. Information could also include official documents such as contracts and consent forms signed by an individual or by the individual's representative.

We won't give anyone any personal information - e.g. address, telephone number, email address without obtaining the consent of the individual.

• You can contact us at any time to ask us to erase personal information we have about you.
• You can ask us at any time to update or correct personal information we have about you.
• You can ask at any time to see a copy of your personal information.


Information is kept on Goriad's equipment or on encrypted servers.

Goriad’s Website

Goriad’s website was created for people to see the company’s work. The site has not been built to gather information about individuals - we respect the privacy of the people who look at the website.

External Websites

Goriad’s website may include links to other websites or sites such as social media. Goriad is not accountable and does not accept any responsibility for the content of those sites.


Goriad’s website uses Cookies. You can find information about cookies on external websites such as this one: .

Changing or disabling cookies:

Here are some external links that could help you if you'd like to enable or disable cookies.


Google Chrome:



iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch - Safari:

Google Analytics

Like many websites, Goriad uses Google Analytics to monitor the performance of our website and see how it’s used. We do not use statistics collected by Google to gather information that could identify an individual.

You can find more information about Google Analytics and their privacy policy here:\

To manage or remove Google Analytics -

Goriad may update the Privacy Policy at any time. The date at the top of the page will be updated if there are any amendments.

Please feel free to contact Goriad at any time if you have a question or comment by clicking the Contact button on Goriad’s website.


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