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Cymry'r Cant: Hugh Llanfairfechan

The opening sequence of Cymry'r Cant: Hugh Llanfairfechan

Cymry'r Cant: Hugh Llanfairfechan


A series for S4C about people who are over a 100 years old.


The 3-part series starts with Hugh Lloyd Jones.


He's an incredible person. He left school at a young age to become an apprentice electrician. Hugh pressed the switch to provide Llanfairfechan with electricity for the first time.


He has so many stories - his days in the Azores during the Second World War and his involvement in the decision to change the date of the D-Day Landings. Hugh says that if the date had not been changed, many more people would have died.


Hugh was an entrepreneur even as a child and in the 1970s he became the Mayor of Aberconwy.


Hugh with other residents at Llys y Coed, Llanfairfechan

This is what happened when Hugh returned from WW2 - excited to see his wife and his young son, Aled

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