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Lle yn y Llety


Ywain Gwynedd joins some of the staff and customers of of the Black Boy Inn, Caernarfon.


Plenty of discussion and laughter.




Cymry'r Cant


A series for S4C following eight people who are over a 100 years old.


The series includes Hugh Lloyd Jones from Lanfairfechan - an entrepreneur who became the Mayor of Aberconwy.


Click on his picture to find out more about eight very special people.






Geraint Jarman


A television documentary on S4C. Singer and musician Geraint Jarman talks openly about his personal life and his music over a number of decades.










O'r Galon: Mared


TV Documentary for S4C:

Mared Jarman talks about about her vision impairment. She’s determined to live life to the full. 




In Tewach na Dŵr we hear sets of twins talking about the special bond that exists between them. The programme was one of three programmes produced for Radio Cymru as part of BBC Cymru/Wales' Family Season.

Click on the photo to WATCH excerpts of the programme


Tewach na Dŵr







Byw gydag Arthur

A documentary for BBC Radio Cymru about Jemma who has arthritis.  Jemma stopped taking strong pain-relief medication to try for a baby. Goriad went been back to Caerphilly to find out how Jemma is coping with her new baby.





O'r Galon: Byd Enlli a Gwenno


TV Documentary for S4C:

Enlli had a baby at a young age. When Gwenno was born, she was profoundly deaf.







Gofal Pia Hi

Delwyn Williams from Blaenau Ffestiniog talks about the way his family's life changed after discovering that his wife Olga had MS. Delwyn spent around 30 years visiting his wife in hospital.

The programme, for Radio Cymru, was part of BBC Cymru/Wales' Family Season.



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