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              Cymry'r Cant:   

Stori Myfanwy, Vernon a Mary

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Cymry'r Cant

Opening Sequence

Mary Keir


A series for S4C following eight people over a 100 years old.


In this programme, Myfanwy Morris from Liverpool who was 103. She recalls the shock of seeing her father’s pitiful state when he returned home after being a Prisoner of War in WW1.


The Rev Dr Vernon Davies from Garnant, who’s a 100 years old. He was in the same school year as Dylan Thomas. Vernon uses his computer every day.


Mary Keir is 102 years old and from St Davids. As a nurse she remembers the night she was convinced that she was going to die as WW2 planes tried to bomb Llandough hospital on the outskirts of Cardiff.

Vernon Davies


Myfanwy Morris


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